Independent vs Agency Escort?

So why is it that some gentlemen prefer contacting an escort agency while others prefer independent escorts?

I’ve asked many people this question over the past couple of years and heard about their many different experiences with both, good and bad and there are many different preferences but I must conclude that my mind is well and truly made up and after gathering much data, my preference is with the independent escort and I can tell you why…

There are so many bonuses to booking an independent escort, from the initial contact which is not only professional but personal also, You will be speaking with the lady whom you will be meeting, which means you can build up a rapport and some excitement before even setting eyes on each other. Unlike an agency, It’s wonderfully personal.

Secondly. It’s highly discreet. Only yourself and the escort you are meeting have the details about the date. There is never a third party involved and on that can be certain It’s Legal. Unlike an agency, you can assure yourself that the high class, independent escort is happy in her chosen profession, enjoys what she does and is not working against her will ( Which would be illegal as it is illegal in the UK to arrange a date with an escort working against her will )

Thirdly, unlike escort agencies you can discuss services and requests in detail with an independent escort as it is perfectly legal for an independent lady over 18 to sell sexual services if she chooses to in the UK and it is perfectly legal to pay for sexual services providing the lady is over 18 and works for herself of her own free will. A top professional agency will not discuss services provided by their companions with you as they would be breaking the law.

Forth, On the most past, It’s flexible, easy communications and you and the companion are in total control of your own time. You will find that arranging a date with an independent companion can be more flexible if you need to notify the lady of any changes or delays. Instant and smooth communications make for a stress free and more enjoyable date as unlike an agency there wont be any telephone tennis, waiting around for the agency to contact the lady and then the lady to get back to them and then to you, you get the picture! ( some agencies are pretty good at this though ). With this flexibility comes the option to extend a date if things are going well as you are both in total control of your own time. Where are as agency may have already accepted another date for the lady you are choosing to spend time with and with agency escorts it would be impossible to relax and forget the time as most will contact the lady when the date is due to end to make sure the companion is safe.

Fifth, If you are unlucky enough to come across a bad agency you can expect fake pictures, last minute changes or worst case scenario being completely let down. Agencies are business like any other some are fantastic given there restraints whilst others really couldn’t care less about you or the ladies. Some agencies will control your interactions for their benefit. Have you ever had a favourite lady friend who worked for a top agency before that you got on really well with who suddenly became fully booked every time you’ve tried to book her in the future? Yes? well so have many others. Why you ask would a sensible business turn away your custom, it makes no sense right? Well there are a few reasons.. Firstly, if an agency has 50 girls and only 10 are in demand they will want to spread the bookings out as evenly as possible to keep all of their companions happy or else the ladies will simply go independent. Agencies prefer a gentleman to rotate and have dates with most of their ladies preferably. Secondly, they are concerned you are getting too familiar with their companion. They do not want to run the risk of you both becoming too close and exchanging contact details, cutting them out.

Remember that many escort agencies are run by ex independent escorts anyway. There are 1000’s of London escort agencies and some are excellent at the administration side or things, organising dates, smooth communications but what they cannot do is have that initial spark over the telephone. You will not be able to build a rapport with the lady you are meeting, plan dates in detail and have a personal relationship with you as well as professional. You may want to keep in touch from time to time via text or email which some independent ladies like myself are very happy to do ( at your request and disappear at your convenience also ) whilst most agencies keep the personal details of their companions strictly out of bounds and their details will not be shared making the whole experience more of a “transaction” as opposed to a romantic date. Some gentlemen may of course prefer this but most find the idea of having a secret girlfriend far more appealing. What do you think?